Are You Feeling Weak at Work? Or Lame in Life?


Then it’s time to work out loud.  But first, you will need to read “Working Out Loud: For a Better Career and Life”, by John Stepper.

I first met John Stepper a couple of years ago at a business roundtable event. John participated in a panel on career management.  I must admit I do not remember the exact topic.

However, I do remember that he mentioned the term “working out loud” in response to the moderator’s question.  I was very intrigued by this term as I was searching for my life’s purpose at the time.

  • What is it?

Working Out Loud it turns out, is the art of managing your life and/or career to get noticed.  The book, Working Out Loud: For a Better Career and Life, is an encyclopedia, of sorts, on personal branding.

Yet, the concept of Working Out Loud is not only applicable to the work that you do.  It is also suitable for setting lifestyle goals as well  — the life that you live, if you will.   John’s ideas are practical.  Techniques are simple yet can have lasting impact if you make “working out loud” a part of your life.  He provides tips on how to connect with others by forming Circles.  He also shows you how to get help along the way by serving others.

In addition, “You’ll leverage principles for building meaningful relationships as well as modern abilities to share your work, get feedback, and interact with others who share your interests”.  John Stepper.

  • My own Circle

I have the pleasure of participating in a Working Out Loud Circle with a couple of my good friends.  Right from the start, we could see the benefits of meeting to discuss our personal and professional goals.  The book is a great resource.  This is one of those books I carry with me all the time because I use it as a reference.  It is useful to me because  I’m currently building a platform.

There are many books on careers and lifestyle enhancement.  Working Out Loud is your personal coach, taking the reader through his/her own journey to greatness. It is “Your Guided Mastery Program”.

So, if you feel weak at work. Or lame in life.  Pick up a copy of Working Out Loud today.

As a result of John’s work and his book, Working Out Loud Circles are forming all over the world. For more information visit:  John also blogs at

Start living. Start Working Out Loud.


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Journey Of A Swazi

I love this type of reading. I’ve been working out loud the past year but could do with a lot of refining. Thanks for sharing.